SEM marketing is the best complement to ensure your marketing campaigns achieve a good return

Through search engine advertising, you will generate better quality traffic for your web, and you will increase conversions.


Thanks to the possibilities of segmentation provided by SEM, you can show your web site in the geographical area you are most interested in


Through SEM campaigns, your web site will appear in the top positions on Google when users look for keywords in relation to your campaign

What are the advantages of SEM positioning?

1. You achieve a greater volume of qualified traffic

The main aim of SEM campaigns is to achieve an increase in traffic to our web, in order to promote the sale of a specific product, to improve the image of our brand, or simply so that our target public get to hear about us.

 Carrying out campaigns on Google AdWords through an SEM agency, visits to our web are going to show an increase in a shorter period of time, which will allow us to save time and money.

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2. The adverts appear to your target public

One of the great advantages of carrying out campaigns on Google AdWords is the variety of segmentation options offered when targeting our ads. We can choose between a variety of variables for our public; age, geographical area, sex, hobbies, etc., and it is thus easier to hit the bullseye and directly address our targets.


 In addition, we can also segment the SEM campaign based on the timetable in which we want the ads to appear.

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3. Easy measurement and analysis of campaigns

Within a short time of beginning with Google AdWords ads, as an SEM agency we can provide full information regarding the progress and results of the campaign and the keywords we are using.

 We can check the number of times users visit our ads, how many times they click on them, the budget we have used, etc.

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4. It is recommended that this is combined with SEO positioning

When planning a digital strategy, one of the more important aims is to appear among the top positions on Google with keywords related to our brand, products and services.


 This task is slow, and it is achieved through SEO positioning. However, through SEM advertising, we can achieve results in a shorter time. On search engines such as Google, the suggested results appear in the top positions, so if we are carrying out advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, it will considerably increase our visibility.

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5. Capture new clients

One of the main aims is to increase traffic to our web. Thanks to this and the segmentation in our campaigns, a large part of this traffic will be potential clients and our direct target, and thus the percentage of conversion is higher.

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SEM Marketing

¿Por qué contratar este servicio a una agencia SEM?

Como Agencia SEM, desarrollamos la estrategia a seguir en tus campañas publicitarias en buscadores, definiendo el público objetivo, las páginas de tu sitio web más interesantes para anunciar, las palabras clave más relevantes y marcando los objetivos necesarios para que tus campañas SEM sean un éxito.

Otro factor importante es el análisis de tu competencia. Diagnosticamos toda la información relevante sobre las tácticas de tus competidores, tanto sus puntos fuertes, como los débiles, y lo implementamos en tus campañas de Google AdWords. Así, aprovechamos al máximo todas las oportunidades que brinda tu mercado.

A través de campañas de Remarketing en Google AdWords, los usuarios que han accedido previamente a tu web verán anuncios personalizados, así, las posibilidades de conversión son mucho más altas.

Por último, se realizará un seguimiento de cada campaña a través de la monitorización del progreso y resultados de los anuncios y las Keywords seleccionadas.