Improve your online reputation through the publication of content in digital newspapers, magazines and specialist blogs in various sectors.


Capture of visits and an increase in positive values for the online brand image through publications in the general or themed popular media


An increase in positioning on search engines thanks to media repercussions and links in prestigious digital media publications with high SEO metrics.

Cómo afrontar una crisis de reputación online

How to face an online reputation crisis

Firstly, the most important thing is to stay calm. Every day the internet shares a wide variety of content containing opinions or comments that may directly affect our digital brand. 

If for some reason these comments have a negative slant, they may damage the corporate branding of our company, and for that reason it is important to gather and analyze this information, in order to understand the origin of the problem. 

It is recommended that these functions are delegated to an agency which specializes in the management of online reputations. At Into the Marketing, we have all the means necessary to turn this situation around. Through publications in digital media in tune with the sector or the affected region, we can deal directly with the problem that has led to the negative comments, provide the necessary explanations for what happened, and propose solutions that lead to the user developing a fresh perception of our online brand.

 If you are facing a digital reputation crisis, get in touch with us. We will look at your case and provide personalized advice in order to combat any negative perception regarding your brand, and strengthen your corporate branding.

Do you have an online reputation crisis, and don't know how to address it?

Write to us and tell us about your case. We will be in contact to look at possible courses of action, so that users once again form a positive opinion of your online brand