Be a Voice, Not an Echo

The tool allowing you to find contextual links easily, thanks to Data Mining

Link Building and International PR
tool for agencies

Linkbuilding tool

Get quality links to your website naturally, both in national and international digital media. You will be able to increase positions in the search engine rankings.

Branding tool

Appear in digital media sites that focus on your potential customers. You will enhance your brand image among your target audience, helping to become a benchmark in the sector.

Content Marketing tool

Publish quality content in your projects which position themselves. You will increase the traffic of your website, attracting potential clients interested in acquiring your services.

Access to various markets

Increases your client's visibility in more than 10 different markets: ES, IT, PT, FR, DE, NL, CH, SE, UK, US, LATAM, Nordic countries, etc.

Thousands of high quality media

We are constantly recruiting new websites. Our journalists will create the perfect content, optimized and adapted to your target audience.

Use of intelligent algorithm

The Smart LEO Tool block can generate customised proposals. You will manage your customers and projects quickly and easily.

Available services in LEOlytics



Publications in high-quality digital media at an international level

Access to thousands of national and international media, both general news newspapers, magazines and themed blogs.

We provide you with a wide portfolio of digital media, both national and international, where you can publish articles that add value to readers and include links to your website. These posts with links will help you not only improve your search engine positions and increase your visibility, but also generate a greater number of leads and conversions.

The process to generate a campaign is very simple: Within the tool provided, you will be able to see the complete list of available websites, with filters that help you refine your search based on SEO metrics, markets, themes, etc. that you need for your project.

Once settling on the website where you want to publish your campaign, you just have to fill out a simple form with the information of your order. When the content is ready, you can review it before it is published, and finally, when you have approved the content, it will be received by the digital media and will publish your article. In addition, the campaigns appear on the front page and are shared on the social networks of most publishers that we work with.



Generate custom media proposals

Thanks to our intelligent algorithm and Data Mining technology.

Proposals created by an intelligent algorithm

For a personalized proposal, indicate the required metrics, markets, budget and number of media that you need.

Save time and leave it in our hands

We secure your campaigns through incident resolution, media changes, and personalized attention.

Save your favorite media for later

Save the media that interests you for later use in any of your projects. Alternatively, you can exclude those that you aren’t interested in and those already used.

Receive suggestions from like-minded media

We will inform you when there are new websites that match the needs of your projects in case you want to publish articles on them.

Graphs and historical metrics that will make your job much easier

We integrate the main SEO metrics so that you can analyze which digital media are most interesting for your projects.

We have various APIs that provide all the information regarding metrics and analytics of digital media. So you will not have to leave the tool provided and search one by one to analyze the websites. From a single panel, you will be able to see and compare all the metrics through graphs and tables of the latest months.

The metrics that you will find for each digital medium in LEOlytics are: Visibility, Domain Rating, Ahrefs and SimilarWeb TrafficDomain Authority and Trust Flow.


Drafting of optimized quality content and translation of texts


Request content to use in your projects, as well as translations in different languages.

We offer the content marketing service for your website or blog in various languages ​​and on any theme or style that is needed. The contents will be delivered and optimized to achieve a natural positioning.

The contents are of high quality, written by journalists specialized in different topics. The available languages ​​are: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch.

In addition, we also offer translations of content in Spanish, English, French, German, etc. Do you want to adapt your website to other languages ​​to reach more markets? This is the perfect service to translate your content in a simple and standardized way.

You just have to decide the format and language of the content you want us to generate. Add some prompts that guide the editor to create content that meets all your needs, such as the main keyword.This is a sample text. You can click on it to edit it inline or open the element options to access additional options for this element.

Why choose LEOlytics as your media or content marketing agency?

Tool with exclusive media sites and high-level privacy

We are the only closed-access tool on the market and we carefully select our partners.

Personalized attention by email and telephone

We provide free advice for your campaigns and we take care of the entire process.

Specialization in international markets

In addition to digital media within Spain, we have many other countries that will help you internationalize your business.


Because we take care of every detail to ensure that publications are safe and natural.

How to request your registration in LEOlytics?

LEOlytics is a closed and totally private tool, so it is necessary that you ask us to create your access account. To request registration, you must contact us by completing this form: