We look for current issues related to the brand which will attract the reader.


The best issues reflected in content that will cause spreading and viralisation on social media. At this Content Marketing agency we like to create content which is focussed on the user.


As a content marketing agency, we have an in-house team that will let their pens fly in order to create articles that are adapted to all manner of needs.

What are the advantages of Content Marketing?

1. We improve the SEO

Through developing an optimum content marketing strategy, in addition to providing useful, interesting information for the reader, we will improve our positioning on search engines.

Google greatly values content and its renewal, and for that reason the constant publication of current content of interest to your users will ensure that your web site is up to date, thus helping with crawling and indexing.

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2. It helps create brand image

As a result of the content marketing plan improving our position on search engines, we will attract more traffic to our web, and thus the number of users reading the content will be greater. By providing useful information or solutions for your target public, you will manage to gain their trust, and become a benchmark within the sector.

 As we improve our brand image, consumers will have a positive perception and will trust us more, and it will thus be more probable that they recommend us to other users.

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3. Increase in sales

Thanks to the increase in qualified traffic and the branding we achieve through a content marketing strategy, users who access our web will be potential clients, and thus the probability of conversion will be greater.

 It is very important to show specific content for each stage of the purchasing process. In that way we can guide the consumer through the process, to the point when the purchase is made.

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4. The marketing of content is more economical than traditional marketing

According to numerous studies, to implement  a content marketing strategy is some 62% more economical that implementing traditional marketing campaigns, so the budget saving can be used to complement other areas, such as SEM advertising or positioning on search engines.

Due to the importance for our users of the content we share with them, if we manage to create an impact or they identify in some way with our brand, then profitability will be very high.

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